On the move away from the center

                            Cracow, 11.11.2023 - 13.01. 2024


What the black holes are humming about
fragment of the text by Jakub Bąk

Natalia Karczewska and Marek Chlanda are certainly pirates. The opposite of pirates are farmers. Dave Hickey, claims there are no other people in the world. Farmers divide and fence the territory they have gained, love the right angle and hate pirates. Pirates, on the other hand, like to cross fences, invade foreign land and take what is most valuable from it. Bryan Eno divided artists into farmers and cowboys, one of whom cultivates the land he has conquered, the other tirelessly seeks new land. Artist-farmers are those who are able to perfectly shoot themselves into a catchy subject and persistently build their statements on solid foundations. Karczewska and Chlanda, on the contrary, rely on the ground removing from under their feet. Therefore, they have to constantly be on the move, obviously moving away from the center in it. In the center, the game has rules established by the farmers, who know the foolproof system and play only to win. What's more, Chlanda and Karczewska are pirates who, in their eccentric course, do not head for new worlds, undiscovered lands and new opportunities. Quite the opposite, they are attracted to barren lands, wastelands and battlefields; they feel comfortable only where all possibilities seem to have been exhausted.