Frankfurt, november 2023

A joint bilateral project between the Piana Gallery Foundation and the New Now ArtSpace artist run space from Frankfurt

Clouds, as an atmospheric phenomenon of water vapor floating in the air and taking on cloud-like and feathery shapes, have a tremendous potential to stir the human imagination. For centuries, clouds have been an expression of humanly unattainable divinity and a kind of freedom manifested in the lightness with which clouds traverse the troposphere. They are impacted by their unlimited number of k sts, a form of immense size that bursts from the center or penetrates into yet another more unfathomable form. These are just a few of the stylistic snapshots that can be attributed to the characteristics of clouds. However, it should be noted that the main characteristic of clouds is covering: they obscure the sun or mountain peaks. During the day they cover the blue sky, at night – the twinkling of stars. Sometimes it seems as if they freeze in majestic stillness, not changing their shape – but this is only an illusion. For all the time we are aware of the movement and change that takes place in every cloud, every cloud. The dynamics of clouds, the change of weather, transforms the image of the world. From time immemorial we have been at the mercy or disfavor of the clouds, the variability of atmospheric conditions, which, through the clouds, shape the conditions in which we are accustomed to live. Snow, rain, ominous hail, and when there are no clouds, we face heat and drought, waiting for a bit of shade and water, which will come through the clouds. When, in a moment of respite, we wish to look at them, we find that it is not easy to describe unambiguously their shape, form, even what they resemble or resemble. Clouds, in their vague form, introduce subjective doubt about the shape that was supposed to manifest or emerge. The image that the cloud carries with it, that it represents, is an enigmatic image.

Budapest,october 2022

A joint bilateral project between the Piana Gallery Foundation and the SKURC GROUP collective from Budapest

Artist-run spaces are emerging in the cracks of the institutional system: they are driven by the need to add more color to the art scene, as the horizons of commercial galleries are full of dead ends, and we gave up on public institutions long ago. With the birth of nonprofit spaces, art is becoming decentralized, with new voices being heard through the internal support of small communities.

But even if these experiences are universal, geographically distant artist-run spaces are very different. They serve the same purposes in different ways, as they must adapt to specific social and economic conditions that vary from country to country, city to city, and often even neighborhood to neighborhood.

The Out of Space exhibition is the first part of a collaboration between the Polish (Piana Gallery Foundation) and Hungarian (Skurc Group) artist-managed spaces, bringing together their different experiences and capabilities, with the knowledge that the ultimate goal is the same. The project, based on information transfer and collaborative thinking, aims to bring small communities together, expanding the network of support beyond the institutional system.

The second installment of the project will take place in December 2022 in Krakow.

Bencs Dániel, Bencs Máté, Filip Rybkowski, Lázár Kristóf, Michal Sroka, Michal Zawada, Németh Dávid, Németh László,
Szalay Krisztina, Üveges Mónika

Curator: Fülöp Tímea