What's wrong with this movie?

                                   Cracow, 25.02 - 18.03. 2022

Szymon Kobylarz

Szymon Kobylarz's exhibition can be treated like a film, written out for individual scenes, dialogues and particular actors and particular actors. In the first scene, the main character could ask himself a fundamental question:

Is there anything I do not know?

From that moment on, he begins to methodically bring to light the truth about the surrounding world that has been hidden from him. The spiral of searching for answers increases its scope, and uncovering more conspiracies provides him with addictive endorphins induced by the next illumination. In the finale, he is confronted with his greatest secret:

Who prompted the first question and why?

What's Wrong with This Film? is an exhibition in which Szymon Kobylarz draws the viewer into the logic scheme of conspiracy thinking. He has been manipulating out of context elements creating the atmosphere of this type of narration. The main part of the stage design is a fire that gives no heat. The illusion built on the basis of DIY instructions found on the Internet denies the original, magical function of a bonfire, the primary place for transmitting knowledge about the world, myths. Analogous to the functioning of conspiracy theories, it gives us an illusion of knowledge and sense of control.

Szymon Kobylarz (born 1981) - visual artist, painter, creator of installations, sculptures and objects. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, currently assistant professor at the Painting Studio III. In his work explores the fringes of science, pseudo-scientific claims and DIY technologies. He is interested in conspiracy narratives and their influence on the perception of objective reality. Part of his artistic practice recently has been to use previously completed works to create new works.