CRACOW, 27.01.2024 - 26.02. 2024
Anna Juszczak

Zofia Małysa Janczy


The separation between the body and the human organism, which came with the modern development of science, introduces an important change in the perception of man's material tissue and the senses through which he experiences the world.

Unlike the human body, subject to examination and gazing by someone else, the body is something I feel myself(a), the affective shade is important. Taking on the subject of sensuality and perception, Anna Juszczak tests the possibilities of conscious experience of corporeality and perceptual abilities, including
including their possible disorders.

The artist reflects on the acts of feeling one's own body, the subjectivity of sensation and the issue of reception of external stimuli. "Glow" is a scene after a snowstorm that engulfs all the senses. Perturbations in the habitual experience of the world force a revision of previous attitudes. Anna Juszczak seeks such ways of seeing, in which attentiveness, sensitivity and reexamination of seemingly familiar phenomena come to the fore. The works are situated on an axis running from total information saturation to offering the viewer just a few anchor points to supplement the sparse data with their own guesses and sensory experience. The intuitive use of materials and techniques goes hand in hand with the valorization of intuition as a tool for learning about art.

In "White Cube from the Inside," Brian O'Doherty writes that human subjectivity in the gallery space is reduced to the role of Eye or Spectator. "Your own body is a strange piece of furniture here, a clearly superfluous intruder. This space suggests the idea that eyes and minds are welcome here, while the bodies that occupy them are not." suggests the American theorist. In place of the disembodied eye, Anna Juszczak invites the viewer with all his or her bodily-sensory-emotional equipment. Although the ground will be ice-covered during the expedition, step by step one can traverse it to look beyond the horizon.

Zofia Małysa Janczy