Same time, another place

                                Cracow, 9.06.2023 - 9.07. 2023

The presented exhibition is the result of cooperation with spaces conducted by artists in different parts of Europe. This time we present an exhibition by Gabriel Stoian, a Romanian artist from Frankfurt who runs a place called NEWNOWARTSPACE, founded in 2017. The space operates as a dual platform, dedicated to private projects and running an open program for exhibition projects, workshops and interdisciplinary research supporting national and international artists.

The selection of works presented at the exhibition, titled: Same Time, Different Place, brings together themes that embody a transcendental experience, depicting different moments in time that are located in the same place.

What is important in the artist's intention is the tension that arises in the process of painting. The artist is measuring himself against the medium of painting, after being disengaged for many years. He stresses that it has never been his obsession and each successive production is a new thread, concerning his everyday life. Gabriel Stoian's work can be set in the current of New Romanticism.