Reading cloud shapes

                                 Cracow, 18.12.2022 - 14.01. 2023
Antonina Chmielowska - Merynda

What are the smallest particles of memories that can be captured by language?
Micro-moments, eluding grand narratives, yet in their intertwining building maps of our biographical reference points. The pain of a bumped elbow. The stepping on a puffball. A shout warning of danger. The asphalt soft from the heat. Snow at night in the light of lanterns. Rolling down a hill. The smell of skin after sunbathing. Laughter that closes the eyes for a moment

The artist collects these special units of memories. She sees the potential in the memory of reliving experiences so simple, often sensual, based on contact with nature and the body. Experiences that, at least in a small part, we can share, regardless of place of birth, gender, social status or professed views.

A selection of these are drawn into the exhibition space. They form a network of brief moments, delicate delights and painful impressions. Like fragments of colored glass in a kaleidoscope, they overlap to form a palimpsest of images and sounds, directing our attention to what is seemingly insignificant and uncommunicative without context. This context for Antonina Chmielewska-Merynda is other people and their personal memories. It is in the smallest units of memories that she seeks the thread of social understanding, pointing out the fine points of commonality in our experience of the world.

Exhibition within the framework of the project "The Overview Effect" financed by the City of Krakow 2021 Creative Scholarship.