Odd Jobs

                                Cracow, 17.09.2023 - 20.10. 2023

The exhibition project refers to the working conditions of today's artist and deals with the extra work of the so-called "fuchs", their attribution, boundaries, relation to the proper artistic practice.
In a word, where does craftsmanship end and art begin? does it even matter? Usually the final result of creative work presented to the public is only a slice, often a negligible percentage of the artist's entire activity. The concept of the exhibition at Galeriai Piana is to arrange the gallery space with works that are the result of "fuchs", including everything that is their background: negative forms, sketches, prototypes or simply misfires. Among the "fuchs" we also want to show our own, authorial works, which we identify with our 'true creativity'. - Is it possible to distinguish one from the other?

The works presented at the exhibition will be created with reference to the theme of "fuchs" - we want to focus on that part of creativity which is usually hidden from the viewer visiting galleries. In addition to the purely technical aspect and livelihood issues, we are concerned with the impact of fuchs on our sensitivity and artistic choices. What do fuchas give us and what do they take away from us? How do they affect our creativity? And do they sometimes become art itself?