Kissing the mirror

curated by Filip Rybkowski
Cracow, 6 - 29.06. 2021

Alicja Pakosz
Roots of hair as a portrait of the real that is locked in a struggle with its own image on an ever shifting border. A picture of a wounded leg that makes it impossible to forget its corporeal shell. The spectre of Pinocchio hiding in a shallow puddle, his nose sticking out above the surface of water—as if only through a lie one can at least begin to reach reality.In her works Alicja Pakosz does not endevor to depict the world, rather she tries to explore the emerging thought that follows a glance. The images appear as phantasms under the surface of murky water—a subjective reflection of an objectively existing reality in the consciousness of the beholder. By looking one cannot avoid distortions and artifacts, and perhaps most of all, one's own reflection.The titular kiss is that of Judas, its trace left on the surface of the mirror offers a chance to at least partially expose its illusion?

The exhibition organized as part of the Cracow Art Week KRAKERS 2021