It looked somewhat different

                                 Cracow, 9.09 - 30.09. 2022
The life of the modern city and its inhabitants is irrevocably shaped by mechanical reproduction - woven from billions of snapshots forming pulsating constellations it is impossible to conceive outside the various conventions of screen mediation.

Patryk Staruch and Mateusz Wozniak throw us into the middle of this visual theater, whose heroes and heroines, despite the fact that their faces tell us nothing, try to play an ambiguous performance in front of us. Blinded by flash, silhouettes flit before our tired eyes, drawing sharply against the soft nocturnal background. The figures disappear and someone else appears in their place. There seems to be no general law that can regulate this stage movement. However, despite the impression of pure spontaneity, these scenes turn out to be carefully directed. Wozniak's patiently selected frames, chosen from his photographic archive subjected to constant processing and constant editing, meet the intricately composed images of the Old Man.Does the welding of photography and reality make me feel any need to record, or does this connection really exist? - Matthew asks. What is and what does this welding look like? Who is the welder? Perhaps a better term would be "knot", like a Gordian knot. For what is the reality in which I move around catching only imponderables? Such a clever word, and the knot I'd most like to cut. But. Cut you can't, untie you can't either, and yet you try.Something emerges from the chaos of reality, if only for a moment. For a moment, purpose mixes completely with meaninglessness, so that they can no longer be completely separated.

It is possible that this hastily put together story carries a moral, but we need to sharpen our senses so as not to lose sight of it.
The protagonists of my works live in light-polluted cities, at the same time they crave a view of the edgelessness of space, says Patrick. They feel a growing hunger and longing for something great, perhaps forever deprived of the tools to achieve their goal.