Cracow, 25.02.2023 - 1.04. 2023

Karolina Jablonska's exhibition in Piana, is a show of previously unpresented works by the artist.
A monumental painting entitled Head in Soup and a series of ceramic plates with drawings in Jabłońska's characteristic stencil technique.

The theme for the exhibition is dinner, not so much as a meal, but rather a special kind of intimate meeting of people known to each other, taking place behind closed doors, which can bring with it various tensions and conflicts, or be a moment of respite and an experience of togetherness.

It is the ambiguity of gestures, performances and intentions that builds the tension here. In fact, we can't unequivocally say whether the head in Jabłońska's painting is being pulled from the bubbling soup, or is it dunked in it? Is the kitchen glove used here as protection against burning hands, or is it meant to prevent traces of the crime from being left behind? The same is true of "cartoon" plates and their characters. The gesture of a hand resting on a partner's shoulder can be both an expression of care and support and a condescending gesture of control. All of this is watered down by the unbearable inferiority of the tomato soup that we are all supposedly so fond of, and certainly familiar with.