Cracow, 13.05.2023 - 12.06. 2023

Like all women before me, I continue the tradition of abandoning my own thoughts. Every day I lose them so much that I will never change the world or even my life with them again.

For what are these thoughts that are no longer there, that never even turned into a word or a sentence? Do they even exist if they were only in the heads of great-grandmothers, sisters and friends? Abandoned, they have no chance to be clothed in materiality. They weigh less than nothing.

What does it mean to claim all one's thoughts? The thoughts of women from now and the past? How to count them? What could we build on all of them? I can only imagine what would happen if at least a perilous peril of them got through.

The exhibition is a story about a moment of abandonment, of loss. Thoughts that were too fragile to become part of reality. This story applies to everyone, but I dedicate it to women. Women are a representation of those who do not feel they belong to the world that is playing out before their eyes.

The exhibition is part of Cracow Art Week Krakers.